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Avoid The 3 Texting Mistakes That Destroys Attraction

And get more dates with super simple authentic messages that makes her instantly attracted

With The Charismatic Texting Blueprint there is an easy way to capture attention and get quick responses even if it’s getting harder for MEN to stand out on dating apps.

Woman Texting

You’ll be able to:

You’ve done a great job to match on a dating app or to get a number… but

…did you know that as many as 71% of men’s initial messages went unanswered?

Texting is the most critical phase and if you do this well; you’ll secure the date… but

if get this wrong; you would have ruined the only opportunity with her that will probably never come again.

Masculine Charisma Coach Faisal Khokhar

Hey! It’s Faisal here…

I’m a Men’s Dating Coach. If you are like thousands of other guys and find texting a desirable woman frustrating, confusing and a waste of time, then I’d like to share these two things with you:

  1. I’ve been there, and I know how you feel because I used to be a shy tech geek.
  2. Today you will learn something most men will never know and in being kept in the dark they stay stuck.
How To Text Women

Here lies the big problem: psychologically, men usually send texts like they are speaking to another guy, and women send texts like they are talking to another female.

This is where a large percentage of text conversations fail when it comes to attraction.

Confused How To Text In Dating?

The male brain out of the box will not evoke an attractive emotional response from her. Therefore she is quickly bored and disappointed with most men’s standard texts.

Well, guess what? With some minor tweaks, you can easily evoke a better response from her and be eating cake. What has cake got to with this? Everything

Texting Women For Dating

What The Men Say!

You will stop making common mistakes that fail to trigger the correct circuit in her brain to build attraction.

This isn’t about manipulation; this is about receiving and expressing authentically each other’s language of attraction, romance, and connection, not the language of transaction.

Charismatic Texting Blueprint

"The Charismatic Texting Blueprint"
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Tuesday 21st December 2021
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