Welcome to the group that will help you become the Charismatic Man you’re meant to be, mastering confidence and attraction while gaining that masculine charisma that will make you win in life…

...And in bed.

Making women passionately and authentically desire you while learning the secrets to self-mastery.

Yes, THERE ARE reasons you’re constantly being rejected, friendzoned and feeling defeated by the woman you fancy, and this community is here to support you, overcoming them one by one.


See, no man is born Charismatic and Confident, and believe me, I have been far away from being one for so long before discovering WHAT was making my love and romance life a complete hell.

Just like you, I was sick and tired of not feeling enough, friend-zoned, and rejected…

...And this made me more and more frustrated, pushing me off my dreams from every point of view.

Now, picture this scenario...

You’re getting out there and meeting women, but you finally build the courage to ask her out… BOOM, complete shutdown.

You’re facing each other, but… as you try to make it spicier and attempt to flirt…BOOM she shuts you down immediately.

Sounds terrible, right?

And I know you’re already working hard to transform the old needy habits that make you appear like the loveable-but-nope kind of friend…


See, I am speaking from personal experience, and I have learned a simple thing that is worth a million…


While I struggled to overcome my fears and personal doubts, most of the help I got came from men and coaches I met along the process.

Only through their example and witnessings, I focused deeply and understood where I was wrong, basically killing any chance I could have with any potential lover out there…

This is why today, I have reserved a special opportunity for you…

But before heading there, let me just tell you this…

What would your life look like if you could...

Eventually transforming yourself into the successful and desired man you're dreaming of becoming….

Amazing, right?

So, welcome to our Masculine Charisma Mastery group, where you’ll find all the help and support you need to successfully complete your charismatic masculine man transition.
This is The Ultimate Resource for The Modern Man Looking To Unleash His Supreme Inner Energy To Conquer Everything In Love, Sex and Life.
Welcome to the Masculine Charisma Mastery Group

Don’t wait for things to fall into their place, but follow us and take action to shape your future as you deserve and desire, entering a community of like-minded individuals ready to grow with you, hungry for a better future.

There's nothing more rewarding when it comes to easily apply what we learn, right?

And it’s even more important now that you’re moving your first steps towards your new best you!

After all, we all know how hard it is sometimes to bear the weight of loneliness, mostly if we don’t understand why things are going the way they do…

This is why I am opening to you the possibility of entering my small and selected group of Men, deeply ready to face their inner transformation, supporting each of you with highly valuable weekly meetings. We will further analyze what is preventing you from success.
The best part?

You’ll be constantly engaged in the process of mutual and common growth, meeting new friends from all over the world, and participating in our group with just one goal.

Of course, learning through classes and training is useful, and I am sure you did great taking part in my personal coaching, but you’ll also agree that they rarely cover the actual learning needs you might have…

...Simply because videos and books are not enough.

As I mentioned before, while I underwent my transformation into the alpha male, you will get to know now, support from other men was essential, and I believe that there’s nothing like mutual support that can make you thrive like you’re dreaming of now. Think about it…

...You’ll finally have a place to ask those questions you’re barely daring to Google.

...You’ll finally have conversations with men who can understand your struggles without judging you or your journey.

...You’ll finally be able to build up deeper connections and confidence, learning through the experiences and doubts of many other men out there.

Together, we’ll overcome the Nice Guy Syndrome you might still be suffering from, relying on a powerful group that shares the energy and confidence you lack now to do that last step before reaching new heights in life…

Working alonside Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr Nice Guy

Being confident does not mean being great at hooking up…

But it means recognizing your full potential in making successful decisions in and out of bed, driving your relationship towards your own fulfillment…

...Eventually changing your attitude to the chore.

See, my brother, you’re living like a victim because YOU BELIEVE you are a victim, and I am here TO PROVE YOU WRONG IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY.

This is why becoming a Member of my MCM Community, you’ll achieve incredible strength in four major pillars:

1. Confidence

Get the confidence in handling your private and sexual relationship successfully while driving your life and career towards your most intimate goals.

2. Charisma

Master the secret art of conscious magnetism to ignite, influence and leave a captivating impression they’ll never forget while attracting what you really want and need.

3. Attraction

Understanding and getting the hang of the psychological mechanisms behind the sexual and romantic attraction, learning how to effectively seduce and build a meaningful connection with the woman you desire.

4. Mastery

Mastery of self to become the high-value charismatic masculine man, be consistent in action, and develop healthy habits that will give you power and respect, getting rid of your old needy you.

I know changing is not an easy game, but here, you can play it safe while effectively mastering the techniques we’re learning together, boosting your transformation with useful and proven tips.

Through weekly planned meetings and MasterClass sessions, you’ll acquire and prove on your own existence the knowledge that made me the man you know today, eventually happy and proud of his goals.


Being part of this community is a gift that I want to give to you, opening you the chance to step in and become our member today, but as you might imagine…

...The last few spots are about to get filled, and if you don’t apply now, I can’t assure you a saved place either now or shortly...

All you have to do is click the button below and…

Become A Charismatic Force Of Nature By Downloading The Ultimate Collection Of Masterclass Videos DIRECTLY To Your Brain

Master Attraction, Confidence and Charisma

Video Training

  • How To Charismatically Create And Expand Your Social Circle
  • The SECRET To Creating Attraction & Intimacy
    How To Charismatically Handle Women’s Shit Tests
  • 3 Simple Masculine Body Language Secrets That Drive Women Wild & Command Respect
  • How To Instantly Activate Your Primal Voice To Create Intense Attraction & Command Authority
  • Detox The Past – Release the hurt, pain and suffering to live an incredible, confident life.

many more….

Guest Speakers Training:

  • SEX: Men, Sex and Shame
  • SEX: The 5 Erotic Blueprint Types
  • MONEY: You Are Your Choices In Wealth & Life. Investing Wisely?
  • MONEY: What I’ve Learned Thinking Like A Boss
  • BODY: Men And Anger Management
  • MEN: Getting Over The Nice Guy Syndrom

more being added….

How The Group Works

Immerse yourself in weekly teaching and learnings online with one of the most powerful and life-shifting work:
  • Weekly online Group coaching and MasterClasses.
  • Weekly accountability for impeccable integrity, consistency and habit building.
  • Get community support so you never feel isolated or lonely.
  • Access a library of powerful videos, training and lessons.

Who This Is For

Who This Is Not For

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a high-solid men’s group to help you develop and maintain rock-solid confidence that makes you magnetic.

It grows you strong so you command authority without people-pleasing and helps you build healthy habits that you can effortlessly sustain.

Everything within the group stays within the group unless written permission is granted by those involved.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

The one thing that stands between 95% of us and success are healthy habits, awareness and consistency. Simple as that. So in MCM we focus on daily habits, weekly training and accountability.

Here is the good news. You need to commit a minimum of 30 seconds a day. Yes, only 30 seconds. It’s not about duration; it’s about teaching the brain to start and complete a task. 

Then once a week, every Tue 8pm UK time we run a MasterClass or a Zoom Tribe Connection.

This can happen if your discipline muscle is weak.


We encourage you to start slowly with a 30-second habit daily to strengthen your discipline muscle.


Don’t forget we all are here to support and encourage you, so if you fall off the horse, we’ll help you get back on.


It’s not about being perfect, it’s about showing up. 

Usually, we see significant changes if you keep disciplined within 4-6 months.

If you are after shortcuts, quick wins, motivational highs, this group isn’t for you. There is lots of material out there to give you temporary results. 

We focus on long term results that stick.

Yes, of course. You can cancel your subscription anytime; there are no contracts.

There will be an opportunity for you to get one on one coaching for those who wish to grow faster and go deeper. Coaching allows you to heal specific issues.