4 Ways To Prevent Attraction Death, Do This:

4 Ways To Prevent Attraction Death, Do This:

“If you stop leading, the intimacy will start bleeding.” Faisal Khokhar  ðŸ‘‘ No more playing it safe; it’s time to unleash the true charismatic alpha within you! Once you get into a new relationship, it’s easy for nice-guys to become lazy, complacent and get into old comfy habits. Also, many nice-guy fractures start to emerge, … Read more

7 Ways To Get Out Of The Friend-Zone

7 Ways To Get Out Of The Friend-Zone

Are you tired of being stuck in the friend-zone with that special someone? Here are seven ways to break free and start moving towards a romantic relationship you deserve: Remember, the friend-zone is not a permanent place. By taking these steps, you can break free by cutting off the connection and getting a woman who … Read more

The 4 Nice-Guy Fractures That Ruins Attraction & Intimacy

The 4 Nice-Guy Fractures That Ruins Dating Success

As a single man who may struggle with the “nice-guy syndrome,” it’s important to recognize and address four major fractures that can negatively impact your dating success  as well as sex and intimacy. Failure to address these fractures may prevent you from initiating attraction or cause you to inadvertently sabotage any potential connection, resulting in … Read more

Nice Guy Recovery With Faisal Khokhar: Man Alive Podcast Episode #254

Men who identify as “Nice Guys” don’t have to live with their desires at arm’s length. If you’re stuck in Nice Guy patterns, there is hope! In fact, Nice Guys are my favorite, because they have an incredible foundation of care and love. When balanced with sensuality and presence, it is the perfect recipe for personal fulfilment and attracting great women.

7 Ways To Be Irresistibly Good With Women

Have you ever thought: Why do I fear talking to women? Why do women keep rejecting me? Why doesn’t she want to date or sleep with me? Why did she quickly lose interest? Why do I attract lunatic women? Why am I hopeless with women while others make it easy? Although there may be several … Read more

Valentine’s Day Isn’t For Real Men or Is It?

Valentine’s Day Isn’t For Real Men or Is It? This year I am boycotting Valentine’s Day, and here is why…. I remember my first ever Valentine’s Day with my first girlfriend. I went all out; I bought pretty much everything from a shop that I knew would put a smile on her face. And when … Read more