Red Flags and Nice-Guys When Dating

Nice-Guys and Red Flags

I’m at the beach with my 12-year-old son. Red flags cover the beach and I’m tempted to swim. “Don’t be silly dad, it’s dangerous.” Then my son spent a few minutes telling me that just because it’s sunny and seems reasonably calm, the biggest danger is what we cannot see immediately. He informed me that … Read more

Masculine and Feminine Energy Chart

Masculine and Feminine Energy Chart

Every human has both Yin and Yang energies. Most men have higher innate masculine energy and most women have higher innate feminine energy. Our shell energy can change and mould over time depending on the environment, culture, beliefs and how we are raised. Society is damping boys’ masculine energy to make them softer, and women … Read more

What Do Women Want?

What Do Women Want?

“What do women want?” is the wrong question. The better question is “what do women frequently respond to?” They say women are complicated and men are simple. What a load of clobbers. The bullshit narrative is to keep men weak and disempowered.  Thanks to psychology, research and infield experience, women are not a mystery anymore. … Read more

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

She: “You are such a lovely guy. I don’t want to ruin what we have. Let’s stay  friends.” Nice-guy: “Okay, you are right. I don’t want to ruin what we have. You mean a lot to me.” Masculine Man: “No thank you, I have plenty of friends.”  The nice-guy relinquishes his masculine power and dignity … Read more

7 Body Language Signs She Likes You

Does she like me? Does she not? Every man has asked himself these questions at least a million times because female attraction signals to most men are as clear as having a conversation underwater. Most nice-guys need over 80% certainty that she is interested in him before making any advances. They don’t want the risk … Read more

9 Ways To Secure The Second Date

You know when you are really enjoying your first date and already in your head you are thinking, it’s going well and I can’t wait for the second date? And then the next day, she texts: “Thank you for the wonderful date, I really enjoyed it and you are a great guy. After thinking about … Read more