7 Signs She’s Wasting Your Time

I was so into this girl that I did anything for her. She made me happy and very frustrated that it eventually hit a breaking point. When a great woman came along, which was rare before doing the masculine charisma work, I did everything not to lose her. And everything I did to keep her … Read more

4 Steps You MUST Follow For a Charismatic Valentine Day!

Valentine Day

1️⃣ Don’t go overboard. She would rather you make many small gestures throughout the year instead of one big gesture on essential dates and be dry all other times. 2️⃣ Pay attention to details. Notice what she likes and surprise her with it. 3️⃣ Valentine’s day is a day where every aspect of your date … Read more

7 Ways To Take The Best Revenge After A Breakup

7 Ways To Take The Best Revenge After A Breakup

Living well is the best revenge. ❶ Accept, let go and move on with grace❷ Take time to heal, grow and work on being BETTER, not BITTER❸ Workout regularly, eat healthily and get outdoors more often❹ Update your style and de-clutter your life❺ Take up new hobbies, meet new people and travel more❻ Read daily, … Read more