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"How To Attract & Keep Her Attracted Without Being The Pushover Nice-Guy"

Tuesday 12th April 2022, 8PM GMT


In LESS THAN 90 mins, you’ll walk away with the 3 secrets to authentically trigger attraction by being the charismatic high-value man that women can’t get enough of

Let’s face it…

Nice guys have it rough when it comes to attraction and dating…

…And it’s not because there is something inherently wrong with them; trust me, I know, I’m a recovering nice-guy.

It’s mainly because they unconsciously let themselves down by doing certain things that automatically kill their chances with women.

I am Faisal Khokhar, a Dating Coach & Nice-Guy Recover Specialist and for over 7 years I have been on a mission to help all the “Nice Guys” finally STOP finishing last with women…

And to develop lasting ATTRACTION where she cannot keep her hands off him!

In this attraction charisma masterclass, I will reveal 3 secrets to becoming irresistibly charismatic so that you can attract, connect and date beautiful women without crippling anxiety and coming off as a nice-guy.

Here Are The 3 Secrets You’ll Discover In This Masterclass:

SECRET 1: How to turn heads as you walk into a room and get noticed as a lover, not as Mr Nice-Guy.

SECRET 2: How to inject chemistry into a conversation that keeps her wanting more without you appearing creepy or needy.

SECRET 3: Five things to immediately STOP that kill long-term attraction.

BONUS SECRET: How to get unshakeable confidence to approach and talk to any woman without putting them on a pedestal.

The masterclass presentation will last 90 mins with time for Q&A.

You will then be in possession of some very useful dating tools that will work for you time after time and make the process so much more simple and painless!

“What I like is I can be honest and genuine with women and still have attraction… and not in a way that is deceptive. I dated a woman for 2 weeks while she was on a work trip, she would get really excited to see me, I never had that before.” Kano, 37, Engineer

International Dating Coach & Nice-Guy Recovery Specialist

Faisal's Nice Guy Transformation


I used to be an anxious, socially awkward, shy tech geek

I was hopeless at attracting and keeping the attraction alive with women I really desired.

After a crushing divorce, I realised I suffered from the classic “nice-guy syndrome” which kept me away from getting the women and relationships I wanted.

With much needed training and support, I went from the “nice-guy” to a charismatic high-value man that opened many bedroom doors as well as business opportunities.

Now I date, connect and sleep with beautiful, intelligent and loving women that I used to think were way out of my league.

Faisal Khokhar Night Out

This lifestyle is unheard of for tech nerds, especially from my background.

So I didn’t want to keep all the secrets to myself. I wanted to help guys like me who needlessly struggle with dating, sex and life.

So if you want to learn the charismatic attraction secrets, join my FREE masterclass by registering below: